About Us

Founded in 1999, Be-Long started its main business by trading integral chemical products. Accompanied with a continuously-increasing and developing business, Be-Long successively invested and established its own factories of Choline Chloride, Zinc Bacitracin & "Be-Long BMD" and Acidifiers, Calcium Phosphates and Alkali industry. Be-Long is now enjoying sounded business reputation in the areas of Pharmacy, Food & Feed Raw Materials and Intermedia and Basic Chemical Raw Materials, while Be-Long is also regarded as a well-known international brand as well as the most excellent supplier of Choline Chloride from China.

With various ways of cooperation with business fellows all over the world, Be-Long tracks the way of specialization and insists on two operation routes, producing and trade. From 2008 to 2009, through M&A and integration, Be-Long turns into a compositively collectivized corporation by expanding the operation range including timbering, general merchandise, agricultural commodities, costumes and so on. By PQA Management modes of advanced international firms, strictly-selected credible suppliers and excellent service from its well-cooperative team, Be-Long exports a great deal of safe and superior products from China to every part of the world.

The slogan ”It’s worth it, safety comes first” is the business and working principle scrupulously abided by Be-Long.

30 years after its Open and Reform, China has become the leading in many areas in the world as well as the main manufacturer and supplier, especially in Basic Chemical raw materials, such as Vitamins, Antibiotics, Pharmacy, Food & Feed ingredients and so on. The prosperity and recession of China's chemical raw industry will have direct effects to the development of international Pharmacy, Food & Feed industries.

Fortunes will come to you while you pay attention to China’s future and grasp the key point of the time. Hold your hands and march together with Be-Long for the brilliant future.

Now, Be-Long also serve customers and partners the high quality Galantamine Hydrobromide products. If you have any requirment of Galantamine Hydrobromide, please contact us in no hesitation. We are honored to provide our best service to satisfy your need.